Branch of Castrovillari

sede castrovillarivia Porta della Catena, 87012 Castrovillari (CS)

tel: 0981/21141



 Branch Manager: Concetta Micciullo


Opening hourscapitoli castrovillari

Monday – Thursday  08:30 - 17:00
Friday - Saturday 08:30  – 13:30

Closed on January 27th for the City of Castrovillari’s religious holiday.

Consultation Rules

The daily number of binders available for consultation is limited to  twelve units p.p., with a maximum of four units at a  time.

Photo-Reproduction Service

Researchers  may make use of photocopy services, for most of the reference material. Reproduction is not allowed for documents that are fragile or in a poorly preserved state, as well as  for drawings, maps, topographical maps and iconographical documents.
Reproduction using personal digital cameras is allowed.

Cultural and Educational Promoting Activities.

In the Branch of Castrovillari the  Educational Section creates learning activities for students from Middle to Secondary School.
The Branch is in cooperation  with Cosenza’s State Archives’ cultural activities, and  promotes  cultural expositions in accordance  with other Public Corporations.


The Branch of Castrovillari’s building  was formerly the ancient  Hospital of S.  Maria di Costantinopoli, known as “The Hospital for the Poor”.


For information on the Patrimony preserved in the Branch, researchers may consult The Guide of Italian State Archives, under  the  name  “Sezione di Archivio di Stato di Castrovillari”, or visit the SIAS website ( ).
The above information is available in the Branch’s Study Hall, when consulting the “Guida ai Fondi” (Sources’ Guide).


The Branch is equipped with its own Library. Books belonging to the Branch of Castrovillari, are identified by a serial number beginning with the letters “BC”. The  management of books follows the rules of an Archives’ Reference Library, and it is submitted to Copyright Laws.